A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game about Tweeting Wizards that you never knew you needed.

A game for Ludum Dare 32 - Theme "Unconventional Weapons".

I got the idea of making a game about tweeting orders to a squad of commandos on a battlefield. HOWEVER, it turns out wizards are much cooler. So here was my attempt at making that game. Unfortunately there's no enemy AI or anything, so the game is mostly just a demo of what COULD be done.

You can type in "tweets" like:

"@BlueWizard move east,west.@RedWizard cast fire"

and then see the command play out. The game is over when one of the wizards gets hit by a spell.

I'm pretty pleased with the delivery at least, I think this time around I focused to much on making it look decent and not enough on getting the gameplay complete/fun. But the core is there, so I hope you enjoy it!

Install instructions

Please download the zip for whichever OS you use.

Unzip and enjoy!


Twizard for Windows 23 MB
Twizard for Mac 27 MB
Twizard for Linux 28 MB