A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Build and Control drones as you manage your own little chunk of space!

Hey there! This is my entry for LD38. It was a lot of fun to participate.

I didn't get anywhere near as done as I would have liked. There's honestly not much game to be played. But not much is still something! A lot of the core mechanics exist in code but aren't really fleshed out. But know that anything that works is legit!

Anyway... the intention of this game is to be somewhat of a civ management/resource collection game. You are a drone operator managing a small floating piece of land in space known as a "spacechunk". These chunks of space have become valuable as resource pools and farms, so companies hire operators like you to deploy drones to manage them.

Once you load in, you'll find yourself looking at your chunk, a drone, and a console. You can use this console to send commands to your drones. By default your home base receives these messages, but you can link to drones in order to give them tasks. The drones can be used to harvest resources around the chunk. Just click the blocks you want to collect, and send the "harvest" command to a drone.

Now, I was hoping to have more, but currently it's only drones and crystals. But with the framework I built, I can build more tools like turrets and fighters. The intention was to also add enemies to harass and destroy your facilities, which would have definitely made this somewhat of a game.

Either way, I hope you check out S P A C E C H U N K, even if it's just to enjoy my original (bad) music or really cool title screen. Thanks!


- Click the text input under the console to type.

- You send commands in the format "/command". Type /help to see the available commands.

- You will have a drone by default, but you can build a new one using "/build drone".

- Drones cost resources to build. You can view your inventory by typing /inv

- In order to send commands to a drone, you need to connect to it. Type "/link name", replacing name with the 4 character name above the drone.

- Once you're linked with a drone, you can use drone-specific commands. Type /help again to see these commands.

- Drones can be used to harvest those pink crystals, click on the crystals you want to mine and type /harvest

You can move the console by dragging the title bar, and minimize by clicking the button there.

You can move the camera with WASD(Movement), QE(Rotation), and the scollwheel(zoom).



- Removed eye-hurting splash color

- Added dialog to let you know when you've done everything.(Spoiler: There's not a lot to show)

- Fixed bug that would prevent crystals from being collected.

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Published 154 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorNeil Sveri
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